Scry Air Alchemy Atmosphere Mist
Scry Air Alchemy Atmosphere Mist
Scry Air Alchemy Atmosphere Mist
Scry Air Alchemy Atmosphere Mist

Scry Air Alchemy Atmosphere Mist

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The Scry Air Alchemy collection is synergistically blended to restore your space.  Mist your atmosphere with a fine cloud to experience the classic aromatherapy experience of Scry.  Choose one of our three 'super healers' Halo, Sunday and Nyx to bring balance, restoration and release.

 Sunday Air Alchemy 

Mist to : Align the spirit with your core desires.

The Powerful One.

Activate the four essentials of Sunday to purify, cleanse, ground & balance the spirit & aura with Lavender & Geranium soothing the fires of the past.  Protection rises with the release of Eucalyptus & awakens Cedarwood to enhance psychic & spiritual energies. Sunday provides immovable strength.

Scent notes : Green outdoor rooftop Spa, with a soft palate and fresh mint bite.

Cast Air Alchemy 

Mist to : Cast out what no longer serves.

The Calm one.

Activate the four essentials of Cast to reinstate yourself as your minds keeper.  Peace and protection are offered in the deep release of Rosemary and Cedarwood to seek and reclaim a lost spirit and stabilise imbalance.  Benzoin will bring courage and drift calming comfort to the soul whilst Lemon Verbena cleanses all away that no longer serves.

Scent notes : Earthy sweet caramel with the smallest whisper of citrus.

Halo Air Alchemy

Mist to : Protect

 The Healing one.

Activate the three essentials of Halo to release the powerful aura of protection.  Black Pepper cleanses the space and spirit, purifying, casting out unwanted energies whilst Sandlewood and Grapefruit awakens, energises and prepares the soul for its ritual of renewal.  Halo is the Master Healer, its light illuminating all that is good.  Reinstating clarity.  Banishing Shadow.

Scent notes : Angels linen. 

Usage & Cautions

Directions: Shake well, mist your atmosphere, inhale.

Use : Whenever you need to restore, re-energise and release. 

Cautions: Avoid misting directly on furnishings and naked flame. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes.

100ml Recyclable glass bottle.

Ingredients : Aqua, ethanol, pure essential oils, alchemical energy.

Vegan, Toxin free, ethically sourced, pure.